<h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>     </p> <h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>   </p> <h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>    </p>
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Guide Georgia Hasioti

For those seeking more adventure in Delphi, there are of course alternatives. 
For nature lovers, a hike up from Delphi Parnassos, following the traces of an ancient pathway, would be very interesting. Also interesting is the visit to Korykeion Cave, a cave on Mount Parnassus dedicated to the god Pan and the Nymphs, closely related with the temple of Delphi. 

For lovers of Byzantine art, there is the monastery of St. Luke, a beautiful and famous monastery of the 11th century, approximately 40 km from Delphi, at Stiri, Boeotia. The surprise is inside the monastery, where there are mosaics of the same era with the monastery, preserved in very good condition.

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