<h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>     </p> <h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>   </p> <h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>    </p>
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Guide Georgia Hasioti

To make your visit to Delphi more enjoyable, your tour will have to be adjusted according to your circumstances. I undertake the organization of guided tours for small or large groups, private or school.
Also, guided tours (eg archeological, historical, religious) and their origin (Greeks or foreigners) are adapted according to their age (eg primary, secondary, high school students). Of course we should not forget the entertainment part, because many of the visitors include in their winter or summer holidays the visit to Delphi.
We can also discuss the time and schedule of your holiday or your visit and, of course, suggest the type of guided tour you like and the interesting activities you can do on your trip (eg culinary quests).

I will be more than glad to share any information or discuss with you about your visit in Delphi Greece.
You may call, SMS me on: 0030 6944-943511 or e-mail me at: hasioti1@otenet.gr