<h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>     </p> <h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>   </p> <h2>Welcome to Delphi</h2><p>    </p>
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Guide Georgia Hasioti presents: Delphi Greece

THE GUIDE {medium}

My name is Georgia Hasioti, I’m licensed guide in Delphi and I’ll be happy to let you know about the history of my native town, Delphi or help you to organize your visit in the area...


SERVICES {medium}

To make your visit to Delphi more enjoyable, your tour will have to be adjusted according to your circumstances. I undertake the organization of guided tours for small or large groups, private or school...


THE DELPHI {medium}

Delphi was built on the south foothills of the Mount Parnassus, at an altitude of 500-700m and close to the modern village of Delphi. It is also close to Athens (about 180 klm.), to the Ski Center of Parnassus (44 klm.) and to the port of Itea (17 klm.)

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Guide Georgia Hasioti presents: Delphi Greece!

Are you planning to visit Delphi, learn more about the history, the ruins and the mysteries of the area? A professional licensed guide can help you!
A visit to Delphi will impress you. But surely a guided tour of the guides will travel to you and will tell you everything about Delphi.
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